Monday, May 16, 2011

Mile High Minute :: 2011, Week 7


Mile High completed its second two week winning streak by knocking off a streaking Marshall Street squad which had won four of its previous five matchups. Led by the return of Victor Martinez (42 points), the Mackerel posted their second highest offensive total of the season (241). Eight hitters posted 15 points or more, and only one scored less than 10.

“It was a nice change from last week,” Bielecki said, going over the numbers, “we had four guys score less than 10 and only 5 over 15.”

The pitching roster delivered an average-if-medicore performance considering they had 10 starts for the week. The Mack staff avereaged only 13.1 points per start, getting only 17 points from Tim Hudson over two starts, and 23.5 from young Rockie Jhoulys Chacin.

“They got the job done, but obviously we were hoping for more,” Bielecki said, “Frankly, we got lucky that Marshall Street had a bad week. We lost Lincecum’s second start due to rain, but since we got the win anyway, it actually works out well that we’ll get him twice against Baltimore.”

Mile High will take on Baltimore in Week 8. The teams squared off in Week 2 with Mile High winning 412-301.

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