Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Mile High Minute :: 2011, Week 6



After a two week skid, the Mile High Mackerel snapped their late-April losing streak by topping the Speedway Starwipes 345-296 in Week 6 of the ECB. Despite a few struggling hitters, the Mack were lucky enough to matchup against Ryan Friedman’s Speedway Starwipes, who were going through some struggles of their own.

“It’s been a bit of a strange season so far,” Bielecki said, “It feels like a lot of GMs are not really sure what they got from the draft. Myself included, some weeks.” Despite that, the Mackerel lineup has remained relatively consistent considering they currently have three players on the disabled list.

Gaby Sanchez, who was acquired a few weeks ago to fill one of those spots, led the offense in Week 6 putting up 42 points. Craig Kimbrel led the well-balanced pitching attack with 33 points. Mile High takes on Marshall Street in Week 7.

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