Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Great Moments In Denver Sports History

I'm not the biggest Denver sports fan in the world. I have adopted the Rockies as my baseball team and have been following them closely since I moved here over five years ago, but I don't see myself getting that into the Broncos, Avs, or Nuggs. That being said, the last two weeks have been absolutely brutal for fans of the local Denver franchises. Nuggets? Embarassed by the Lakers in four games that were not even close. Avs? Won a playoff series at home, but proceeded to get embarassed by the Red Wings even worse than the Nuggets were by the Lakers. Rockies? Lost their franchise shortstop (who was hitting sub-.200) until at least the all-star break... and they have the worst record in baseball (tied as of this posting). Broncos? The night the Avs got swept by the rival Red Wings it didn't lead the sports news. What did? The announcement that Broncos QB Jay Cutler has Type-1 diabetes. It got me thinking of other headlines local sports fans can probably expect in the next month or so:
Boulder - "Ralphie Set Free By PETA, Killed By Dump Truck"
Colorado Springs - "US To Ramp Up Airstrikes In Iraq, Entire AFA Football Team Deployed"
Denver - "Drunken Elway Falls From Booth At Crush Game, Dies"
Fort Collins - "CSU Accepts Offer To Join Pac-10"
Commerce City - "Lucha Libre Outdraws Rapids At Dick's"

I think that last one actually happened.

Monday, May 5, 2008

KFS Inside Look

This week, we take a peek into the Mile High Mackerel clubhouse just before the start of their Week 6 match-up with the Chicago Tiger Army...

Click on the photo for an enlarged version.