Thursday, February 17, 2011

Mackerel, 470s Announce Annual Trophies


DENVER, Colo. -– Competing ECB owners and longtime friends Jeff Scanlan and Jon Bielecki agreed to terms Wednesday on a set of rivalry trophies to be awarded during each season. Scanlan’s 470s and Bielecki’s Mackerel lock horns for 2011’s Week 1 contest, the first ever meeting between the two teams, and the inaugural series for the 470s.

The Shield of Gratitude: In honor of the Starz series Spartacus, which is both mocked and enjoyed by both owners, the shield is awarded to the winner of the first 3 series of each season (total games won across all three series). Tiebreaker is total points across all three series.

The Govnr’s Cup: In honor of Govnr’s Park, a Denver establishment with fine foods, drinks, and douchebaggery, this trophy is awarded to the winner of the fourth and final series of the year (if played). This trophy will be held by the last winning team in years where the teams do not play a fourth time.