Thursday, April 16, 2009

H2H :: Back By Popular Demand Or Something

Speedway Starwiped the league, putting up a stunning 533.1 points in week 1, sweeping the weekly awards and embarrassing the Cones. Are they the real deal this season, or will you put your money on anyone else?

I take the field. Speedway has potential, but, well, it’s just that, there are too many “buts.” But will the Mets win for Johan? But will Stephen Drew deliver? But will Ryan Braun hit a home run? But will Magglio Ordonez, well you know. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying Speedway isn’t any good, but I don’t see Josh Johnson putting up 63 every week. I will call Speedway the scariest team to have to play. Just about every Wipe could have a monster week, as Week 1 showed, but I don’t think the consistently will be there as the season progresses. So who do I take in the field? That wasn’t the question. My answer is: not Speedway, and I’ll leave it at that. Jon?

This is like taking the field versus Tiger, right? So Frieds is Tiger in this analogy? I love you Frieds, but the closest thing we have to Tiger is Braden in SBL. And that includes Adler’s ECB team. I agree, this team is built to destroy, but that destruction is going to rely heavily on big weeks from veterans Miggy Cabrera and Chase Utley. I think a key to them running the table this year will be the consistency of Evan Longoria and Ryan Braun. So far Longoria is raking, but it remains to be seen if the rest of the league can make adjustments to shut him down. If the season ended today, yes they would win, but I’ll take the field on this one.


Both Mile High and Chicago had a terrible first week, but were lucky enough to be playing each other, playing to a 5-4 outcome. Which one of these teams should be more worried about starting the season which such a meager total?


Why would I say my team? Because after the draft, I really didn’t like my team. I can be honest about this. Papelbon? Really? That guy is like king douche, he has no businees wearing the glorious black and teal. I gotta give props to Grashow for having his shit together, because honestly I'm the type of GM that likes to have 5 minutes or more to make a pick. On those back-to-back picks it was bam-bam and I was totally unprepared, hence the Jose Valverde pick. Anyway, there were more question marks than not after the draft for me, and the first week didn't help my constitution any. Needless to say I'm sharpening the guillotine...

So what was your answer to the actual question? I got it. You’re not happy about drafting Papelbon in the first round. Good move, though, because 3 or 4 more rounds and I probably would have drafted him (salt in the wound?) Come on, man, get over it, you’re the defending champ. You’ve got Hanley Ramirez. That guy is so good he wears black and teal in real life! Rollins will come around, and your Yankees will start to swing the bat. ffej

Since 2002 the league MVP has belonged to Woosta. Will this continue this season?

ffej No. The glory days are over in Woosta. Despite my lack of faith in the team as a whole, I think Speedway has a good group of individual performers. It would not surprise me to see I see a ‘Wipe bat as MVP this season.

Unfortunately, I have to say that as long as A-Rod and A-Lbert reside in Woosta, it’s hard to see the MVP trophy leaving the hands of the Pimps. And I’m okay with that, because it’s got to pain most of the owners in the league to send the MVP award to Woosta every year, and sometimes make it be a Yankee. In fact, since this league’s inception, I think the MVP award has been synonymous with a-hole that I wouldn’t want on my team anyway. Would I like the buck the trend? Sure, but even if they’re winning awards every year, the Pimps still aren’t getting it done as a team. There’s no “I” in “put my name in the cup.” Yes there is.


New Haven has finished in seventh place in overall scoring in each of the last two seasons. Is there some jackpot to be expected if they go 7-7-7, or will the T-Cones find their way into the playoff race?

jb The 7-7-7 sweep would have happened last year, if I didn't screw it up and finish 7th in '06, so my apologies there for not tanking it. You know what they say about sunshine and a dog's ass? Well you, my friend, are the dog's ass this year (not to be confused with the cat's ass, which ALWAYS GOES TO EIGHT BALL!). I predict at least a 6th place finish for the T-Cones this year. That being said, have a feeling that it's going to be a log jam from 3rd to 6th place, at least in the win column and there will be some "I can't believe I scored XXXXX points this year and didn't (or did) make the playoffs" after all is said and done.

I hate to talk good about my team as my KFS trophy case remains empty, but I’d like to agree. I’d like to see the Cones as part of that logjam you refer to. You’re absolutely right about that too. The past few seasons, in all KFS sports that has definitely been an increase in parity, especially in that 3-6 place area. I think that in itself is great, and I might be thinking that I might have a chance to maybe make the playoff cut this season. Kind of. Maybe. ffej

Predict the following:

League MVP

Jeff Says…cabrera-miguel

Miguel Cabrera Speedway

Jon Says…sizemore-grady

Grady Sizemore Baltimore

Draft Steal

Jeff Says… bell-heath Heath Bell New Haven, Round 25

Jon Says… garza-matt Matt Garza Baltimore, Round 23

Draft Bust

Jeff Says… rivera-mariano Mariano Rivera Marshall Street, Round 6

Jon Says… ramirez-alexei Alexei Ramirez LA of Anaheim, Round 8

Worst Keeper

Jeff Says… martin-russell Russell Martin
LA of Anaheim

Jon Says… pedroia-dustin Dustin Pedroia Marshall Street


Jesse Orosco
Award Most Teams Played For

Jon Says… hawpe-brad Brad Hawpe
He's a power hitter and he's streaky. More than a couple of teams will try to ride the Hawpe Express as it's making its way uphill... Nice deer.

Jeff Says… percival-troy Troy Percival
But, apparently all those teams will be the Chicago Tiger Army.

Chris Carpenter Award
Most Likely To Spend More Than Half The Season On The DL

Jon Says… carpenter-chris Chris Carpenter Annnnd done.

Jeff Says… milledge-lastings Lastings Milledge Does half the season on the farm count? HA!

The Aubrey Huff Award
Biggest Second Half – Individual

Jon Says… swisher-nick Nick Swisher
I think he'll platoon for the Bombers during the first half of the season, then someone will go down (NOT TEIXEIRA!) and he'll be a full time player batting behind A-Rod. A good place to be.

Jeff Says… ichiro Ichiro
He’ll be back soon, and take some time adjusting to leadoff. He’ll still steal 40+ bases, though.

The Oakland Athletics Award
Biggest Second Half – Team

Jon Says… speedway Speedway
Weiters and David Price are imminent. Or am I just saying that so Frieds will keep them on his roster?

Jeff Says… chicago Chicago
Burrell, Bruce, and Kemp will produce and the tribe will give Kerry Wood save opportunities.



Out of time. We’ll try to do better next time. Good night Canada…you suck.

jb Well said. I hope I’m wrong about everything I said in this episode.

Lates, y’all…

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