Tuesday, April 15, 2008

ECB 2008: Week 2 Recap

Starwipes 343 / Traffic Cones 403.5
Recap: GMs around the league are still waiting for Carlos Pena and Eric Byrnes to revert back to their 2006 selves. Unfortunately for the Speedway Starwipes, that hasn't happened yet. Pena and Byrnes put up a combined 73 points and helped the Cones roll the Wipes. The loss dropped Frieds' squad to 8-10 on the year. Frieds' Wipes are near the bottom of the league in scoring, but he expects the entire roster to pick it up or be cut for 19 year-olds in the coming weeks. As for New Haven, they continue to mash bumping their league-leading hitting average to 269 points-per-week.
Looking Ahead: Coming off his first victory of the season, Ffej is looking to continue his winning ways against Week 1's high-scorers, the Marshall Street Menace. Coming off his first loss of the season, Frieds' is looking to halt his losing ways against the overall high-scorers, the Mile High Mackerel.

Squatters 351.3 / Devil Jays 442.8
Recap: "We refuse/accept to be in last place!" was the chant heard outside the Squats/D-Jays game in Week 2. Baltimore whacked L.A. of A to the tune of a 91.5 point margin and a 7-2 victory. To boot, the D-Jays took home Team O' The Week honors edging the Mackerel by less than 3 points. It was a well-rounded effort from the Devil Jays who were led by Pat Burrell (37 points) and Brian Bannister (53.5). A frightening thought for the rest of the league is that Prince Fielder still has as many home runs in 2008 as Barry Bonds. The Squatters are reeling, having won only 5 games in the first two weeks. They need to get more production out of the likes of Robinson Cano, Magglio Ordonez, and Russell Martin if they are to compete in the coming weeks.
Looking Ahead: Grashow's Jays take their high scorers banner to Woosta this week, where they already have a few of those. What Woosta also has in a struggling Big Papi and a few two-start pitchers who are already on their way to the guillotine. Bob looks for a W in Chicago this week, but Adler will probably be having none of that.

Menace 281.2 / Mackerel 440
Recap: Ouch.
Looking Ahead: I'm not sure about much in life, but I'm pretty sure my boyz-in-teal (and my fantasy managerial prowess) peaked in Week 2 of the season. That being said, and with Joe Borowski already guaranteed negative points in Week 3, I don't like my chances against Frieds. Watts and His Travelling Band of Catchers take on Ffej and His Merry Closers in a Week 3 match up that could prove to be a turning point for both teams.

Tiger Army 363.2 / Pimp Roostas 339.4
Recap: Lance Berkman Lance Berkman Lance Berkman. Lance Berkman, Lance Berkman. Lance Berkman Lance Berkman Lance Berkman Lance Berkman Lance Berkman. Lance Berkman. Lance Berkman, Lance Berkman Lance Berkman Lance Berkman Lance Berkman.
Lance Berkman Lance Berkman.
Looking Ahead: Lance Berkman and the Tiger Army take on the Squatters next week, and I'm sure Adler has absolutely nothing to worry about. In fact, I will 110% guarantee victory! Rich Rice and The Pimps (I want royalties if you choose this for a band name, Mr. Gallup), find themselves a .500 ball club at the moment, but are near the top of the league in total points. They look to start annihilating teams very soon, starting with Baltimore in Week 3.

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