Thursday, October 25, 2007

There's Only One Sucktober!

[Plugged In To: The Chemical Brothers / Surrender ]

I apologize for the continued sports themes of my latest entries, but sports tends to run my life for the last half October. I swear I'll get back to the juicy gossippy-type stuff in short order. But the Rockies are in The Series, so really what else is there to talk about?

Speaking of those purple-clad suckbags... What better reward for your community of loyal fans than to make them lose at least six hours of productivity over a two day period by staring at a screen that counts backwards from 120? What better reward? How about a 13-1 bitch slapping by the team that 99% of "experts" say will win The Series.

I was in the company of many Rockies fans while watching the game and I was still embarassed. Now I get to listen to my cellie blow up to the tune of the arrogant rants of all my Red Sox friends. Joy.

All that being said, I think they take Game 2 and things go back to normal.

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