Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Eyes on the Prize

So the little number at right came in the mail the other day. It's really nice quality, the logo is printed right on the fabric, and white dog hair doesn't show up on it. I've worn it every damn day. Dara only laughed once.

So I got to thinking, once again, that this league needs prizes. This sweatshirt cost 24 bucks, including shipping and the discount coupon that you seem to get every time someone else refers you. If we made that the prize, it would cost everyone 3 bucks and change each. And this is pretty much the most expensive item you could order from the site. If the winner wanted a bumper sticker, I'd pay for it myself.

I'm completely willing to make new graphics for people who win. "I Beat the Squatch" for example, or "Pimpin' Is Easy". I don't know how I'd get everyone's money to order the item, but if you want to put 3 dollars in an envelope and send it to me, that's all it would take.

Anyway, just a very cheap way to potentially add a little fun to the league. Thoughts?


Anonymous said...

I'm all about "making it interesting." I've been thinking that we need to add some sort of monetary value to the equation for some time. A shirt, a trohpy (with the names IN the cup, even)... anything... A sense of pride and bragging rights can only last so long. Besides, what better way to brag than to wear a shirt that says:

Mile High Mackerel
World Champions 2001 & 2004

Insert Gallup one-upsmanship comment here.

I'd even be willing to cut the commish a check every year to upgrade to a Plus League.

Also, just for the record, I think it's time to change the name of the league (KFSBL or some shit).

You're crazy, Bielecki.

Ryan said...

OK, for now then if either one of us wins, the other person has to buy them something. Hopefully, more people come along for the ride...

By the way, I was deciding this morning whether to make my post about prizes, or about changing the name of the league. We'll tackle that next.

Grashbo Jonson said...

I (we) would be in for the prizes. We could combine JB's two ideas, and have a T-shirt printed each year with all of the past champions on it, with the current champs highlighted. I would also like to explore switching to an auction format like JB mentioned. I like the leagues where you have the option to keep your players for $5 more than you paid for them the year before. If we played out this year, then gave everyone on a team a value of $10, that would give people with superstar keepers about 5 seasons of use before the keeper price exceeded the market price (depending on the cap we set obviously). Maybe we should start a message board thread on this subject.