Monday, April 18, 2011

Mile High Minute :: 2011, Week 3


Mile High continued their solid early season play and started its first winning streak of the young season by dispatching New Haven to the tune of 406-355.

Troy Tulowitzki took home HOTW honors with 50 points, joining Mark Teixeira as the second Mackerel to take home the honor in the season’s first three weeks. Mile High had 7 hitters score 22 points or more, putting up a season-high 263 points of offense. Jered Weaver  continued to not lose, racking up his fourth win in as many starts.

“So far, so good,” GM Jon Bielecki said, “Everything’s clicking right now. We’ve got a couple of concerns, but the rest of the squad is really firing right now.”

“Weaver has been unreal,” he said, “but the biggest thing last week was getting solid starts from Lester, Price, and Cahill. If we can get our pitching together, we’ll be really tough to beat.”

Mile High takes on rivals Chicago Tiger Army in Week 4 of ECB.

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