Monday, April 11, 2011

Mile High Minute :: 2011, Week 2


Led by Pitcher Of The Week Jered Weaver’s 60.7 points, the Mile High Mackerel rebounded from a Week 1 loss to Colorado by picking up 7 wins against the struggling Baltimore Devil Jays. Weaver and Troy Tulowitzki (34 points) accounted for almost a quarter of the Mackerel’s league leading 412.5 points and vaulted the Mack to first place atop the ECB standings.

Pitching was the key to victory for the Mack, who got a total of 183.5 points from their six pitchers. “It could have been more than that if it weren’t for the Red Sox being so friggin’ terrible,” skipper Jon Bielecki said, “but overall, I was very happy with the pitching staff we went with last week.”

The Mile High offense contributed a stellar 229 points, which is somewhat impressive considering they got their first double of the season on Wednesday. “It was a team effort on that side of the ball,” Bielecki said, “No one person carried the team. That being said, we’re still looking for more from Uggla and (Austin) Jackson.”

Mile High takes on New Haven in Week 3 without the services of Ryan Zimmerman. “We should be okay,” Bielecki said, “but we’re really going to need Buster and Vladdy to pick up the slack this week.”

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