Monday, April 10, 2006

12 Things About Week 1

  1. Losing your first week builds character... or so the Devil Jays would have us believe.
  2. Adler's wins need to get a lot more impressive if he's going to live up to the hype created by Frieds. He won 7-2, but would have lost to anyone else. Including ME!
  3. Ffej has stopped caring about KFS entirely.
  4. I still hate the Yankees... but now for either losing or winning by 8+ runs.
  5. Bartolo Colon and Livan Hernandez are still just big fat Jugs machines.
  6. Maybe the Braves WON'T win the NL East this year.
  7. Maybe the Rockies WILL win the NL West.
  8. Speaking of the NL West, I hope none of us ever have to have a nerve removed from any of our elbows.
  9. Adler thought Chris Shelton was black.
  10. I still think Khalil Greene is black.
  11. How weird does the Red Sox lineup look this year? J.T. Snow?
  12. It turns out Matt Murton ISN'T this year's Clint Barmes. The rest of the league is safe from Woosta... for now.

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